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Tender Planning

Compliant Tender Programmes

We develop contractually compliant, winning programmes that not only meet the tender requirements, but take into consideration the objectives of both parties involved. Our programmes are heavily detailed with the essential content needed to suit all contract types, including the growing use of NEC/FIDIC contracts. Cost loading, resourcing, programme summaries and output matrixes are all available as part of what we produce.

Phasing/Logistic Plans

Clear graphical plans which support and compliment the tender programme are crucial in ensuring the tender offer is visible and appealing during the evaluation process. Costplan Group work closely with contractors to create plans that combine both programme and graphics into a smooth and coherent view designed to capture the client’s vision and achieve a successful outcome.

Summary Programmes

Whilst detailed contractor proposals are essential during the tender process, it is also important to summarise the overall service offering to ensure key selling points are easily visible and well considered by the prospective client. We build strong relationships with each of our contractor clients, developing a great insight and understanding into their proposals, which in turn allows us to develop succinct and comprehensible graphical summaries to include within their tender submissions. These summaries are designed as an overview so that the client can understand the contractor’s overall aim and the advantages of appointing them almost immediately.   

Schedule Analysis

As part of our tender planning services, Costplan Group can also score tenders and provide expert tender analysis. We use metric analysis and visualisation tools such as Acumen Fuse to assess the quality and suitability of the schedule as well as verify the scope and contractual compliance.

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