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Current Opportunities

Australian Office

Our Brisbane office provides internship opportunities to construction students of Bond University. This is facilitated and arranged by Bond University and only available to its students. Please DO NOT contact Costplan Group directly regarding these internships.

Our most recent intern, Dale Liu, provides his insight on the experience.


CPG: Out of all the projects you worked on, which one was your favourite and why?

Dale: One that had a big impression on me was a local Special School project. I experienced my first BoQ bulk check and since then, whenever I encountered difficulties, I reviewed this project.


CPG: What challenges did you face?

Dale: Understanding all types of drawings and specifications and extracting useful information in a short time. Fortunately, all my colleagues are supportive and patient. Before each new project, they pointed out key information and answered my questions to help me to expand my knowledge. They also gave me feedback at the end of each project. Asking for and receiving feedback are the most effective learning processes.


CPG: Name 1 thing you learnt the most about?

Dale: Open and clear communication is very important. The Directors and the staff work together in an open office, so I can ask anyone questions at any time.


CPG: Overall how would you describe your internship experience?

Dale: During the 5 months of my internship, I used almost all the professional knowledge I learned in class, and the content was very intensive. Costplan Group provided me with an invaluable opportunity to apply what I have learned to practical work, which gave me enough confidence to start my career.


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